Azulejos Pintado a Mano, tiles history and tradition

Azulejos Pintado a Mano y cerámica decorativa

In Azulejos Pintado a Mano tiles we are known for particular care in manual processing of all our tiles in order to respect the ancient art that takes preserving along the Andalusian history.

Andalusian tile tradition is one of the most important global and historical level, with more than 500 years, today, adapting to new technologies, Andalusians tilers have learned to respect a traditional process that defines our roots and our land.

There is endless representations in Andalusia on the relevance of the tiles today to the point to see the history of our land walking the streets of the cities with more Moorish and Andalusian influences.


Azulejos que decoran la plaza de España de Sevilla, patrimonio de la humanidad

"Plaza de España" from Sevilla - Authentic hand painted tiles


Know the process for this welcome is the artisan work azulejero'll do you rate each piece as it is a work of art.


Azulejos Pintado a Mano | HANDMADE CERAMIC Company where a great team of artisans manufacture and hand painted tiles and traditional ceramic . The craftsmanship of the old tiles is a artwork that lasts through time, so we continue working as before to get a great finish on all types of ARTISAN TILES we produce for our clients. In our company handmade relief and and hand painted tiles are made.